Trials of Ascension

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Explore the world, build your own settlements, and master your own forged destiny in this indie sandbox MMO.

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Publisher: Forged Chaos
Playerbase: N/A (Development)
Graphics: Medium
Type: Sandbox MMORPG
EXP Rate: N/A (Development)
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A (Development)

Pros: +Open world PvP. +Expansive crafting options. +Dynamic spawning.

Cons: -Will be buy-to-play. -Limited information available.

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Trials of Ascension Overview

Trials of Ascension is a sandbox-style fantasy MMORPG in development through Forged Chaos LLC. Designed to be a buy-to-play game, the game will feature in-depth crafting and building, allowing players to build their own houses and settlements; restrictionless open world PvP, holding players accountable for their actions; and dynamic spawning, ensuring the game constantly adapts and changes.

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Trials of Ascension System Requirements

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Trials of Ascension Articles

  • Trials of Ascension Shares Housing Construction Update - Posted on October 23, 2014
    Previously, Trials of Ascension utilized a cookie-cutter construction system that, while giving the outward impression of player building and progress from inputting a set amount of materials, didn't truly allow any difference from one house to another.
  • Trials of Ascension: Less than 48 hours left on sale - Posted on September 25, 2014
    The two year anniversary sale for Trials of Ascension has been an incredible success. Donations have totaled more than $62,000 which also means dragons will be a playable race when ToA launches.
  • Trials of Ascension: New Demo Testing Incoming - Posted on September 9, 2014
    Forged Chaos, the creators behind Trails of Ascension, an immersive Sandbox MMORPG, has recently revealed that one of their development goals have been met: Players will now be able to raise dragons from birth to adulthood and take them along on massive adventures.
  • Trails of Ascension: Big Update Coming Soon - Posted on August 22, 2014
    The ToA team has been extremely busy testing their upcoming demo for about a month now. Just over a month ago, they invited our champions, heroes and legends to join us in our first-ever test.
  • Trials of Ascension: Hoard event ending soon - Posted on July 29, 2014
    The hoard even for Trails of Ascension is ending in two days from now.

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