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Develop the land however you see fit in Life is Feudal! A true sandbox experience, players can create castles, dig deep mines, and explore the land in search of treasures and glory. Gather some friends up, and siege other players strongholds and claim them for your own, or destroy them completely!

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Publisher: Bitbox
Playerbase: N/A (Development)
Graphics: High
Type: Sandbox MMORPG
EXP Rate: N/A (Development)
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A (Development)

Pros: +Open sandbox world. +Highly realistic gameplay. +Siege and raid mechanics.

Cons: -Hardcore aspect may turn players away. -Open PvP may not be for everyone. -Limited information available.

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Life is Feudal Overview

Life is Feudal is billed as a true sandbox MMORPG, where players are in complete control of how the world develops. You can create villages, castles, or simply dig a mine to try and extract valuable minerals. The game offers open, free-for-all PvP and no targeting, meaning player skill will be the most important means to survive. Crafting, too, will be complex, but very rewarding.

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Life is Feudal Articles

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  • Life is Feudal: Over 100,000 copies sold - Posted on October 20, 2014
    Bitbox Ltd announced today that sales of Life is Feudal: Your Own (LiF:YO) sold over 100,000 copies in just one month since its early access release on Steam. The figures reflect digital sales of LiF:YO sold on both Steam, and the LiF website store.
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