Vindictus Begins Series of Exciting New Content Additions

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Nexon’s action-packed MMORPG Vindictus has just upped the ante with a series of new updates starting today with the Season 2 Episode 2 patch. The update will include new dungeons, battles and monsters, among other exciting additions.

The list of content being added includes:

New battles: Nine added in the Twilight Desert

New monsters: Grim Reapers and Guardians

Map features: Time progression when moving into each new area

Underground dungeons: There are a total of 14 dungeons. Portals will open and close depending on day or night. Upon clearing them, players will get random rewards, including the rare Enchant Scrolls.


vindictus reaper 596x500


Character revamps

Lann: Enhancement focused on critical hits/fury no.7 and improved dodging skills
Fiona: Small shield/large shield improved, long hammer improved
Karok: Smash/clash improved, new skill added
Evie: Addition of 10 types of magic. Improved so that Evie can charge up magic spells ahead of time.
Kai: SP fills up more easily, but will be consumed more quickly

New expertise: Gathering

Only obtainable in the Season 2 area
Orbs obtained from the Luminary Trees can be used to create equipment or weapons


vindictus episode 2 raid 620x332

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