RaiderZ Zone Overview – Rengot Village

RaiderZ Zone Overview – Rengot Village

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Counting down to its open beta launch on October 24, RaiderZ has released a new trailer showcasing Rengot Village.

Rengot Village is home to the Rengot goblin tribe, where they were banished after a long war with the humans of Rendel. Here, they not only use primitive tools to survive, but hide secrets from others in their sanctuary. Rumor even has it that a giant abomination is being constructed for a new attack on Rendel…

RaiderZ is published by Perfect World Entertainment, which also publishes Rusty Hearts and War of the Immortals.

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our RaiderZ Page.

RaiderZ is a fantasy MMORPG published by Perfect World Entertainment. The game utilizes ‘non-targeting’ combat which means players will have to swing, and dodge attacks in real time without the helper of auto-aimers. RaiderZ promises skill based advancement; there will be no classes. Instead, players will have access to over 350 skills with which to create a custom character. This video was done during the Alpha test and some things are of course subject to change once the game goes into full release. To learn more about RaiderZ check out the official MMOHuts RaiderZ page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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