PlanetSide 2: February Updates From the Front

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Sony Online Entertainment has released new details and a new video today in a PlanetSide 2 update.

A new War Correspondent video series begins today, giving civilians a glimpse from the battlefields of Auraxis. This new video is captured by Robert Stoneman, a Cinematic Designer for the film & video games industry.



The team has also released a new website, “PlanetSide 2 Players.” This site serves as a core hub for gamers and includes comprehensive character and progression stats; detailed stats on classes, weapons, and vehicles; leaderboards and killboards; soldier stats; and live Auraxis maps to show who’s in control.

The development team has also released a new interactive roadmap, allowing players to see the direction of game updates and features. Several servers will also be merging together to help balance the battlefields, including Genudine & Helios, Mattherson & SolTech, and Waterson & Jaeger.

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