Latest PlanetSide 2 Update Rolls Out with GU13

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planetside 2 SMG13


PlanetSide 2‘s Game Update 13 (GU13) is now live, and Sony Online Entertainment has exciting new updates that are sure to fire up battle-ready soldiers, including enabling the Lattice System on Esamir. Esamir has undergone a virtual facelift to help support the addition of lattice connections on the continent, so soldiers must strategize accordingly! Features include enhancements and modifications to a majority of the facilities and outposts on the continent.


planetside 2 TR13


This update also brings new weapons to the marketplace, including a NS-7 PDW SMG, ideal for medium and short range attacks, and faction pistols — LA3 Desperado (New Conglomerate), TS2 Inquisitor (Terran Republic), and the Cerberus (Vanu Sovereignty).


planetside 2 NC13


Additional new features with GU13 include: Vanu Sovereignty weapon audio overhaul, improved reticule feedback, a chatbox to the respawn screen, additional platoon leader waypoints (per squad) and tutorial additions.


planetside 2 VS13

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