Closed Beta Date for Legend of Edda Announced

Games in this Article: Legend of Edda: Vengeance, Scarlet Legacy, 9Dragons

GamesCampus has revealed that the closed beta testing for Legend of Edda will begin on November 29.  Players interested should check out the Legend of Edda game site and obtain a beta key.

The beta testing phase will be short, in order to provide a focused testing session to gather the most information possible.  Players will be amazed at the amount of change over last year’s testing, including duels, arenas, and more.  The game has been rebuilt from the ground up, and now includes a revamped skill system, achievements, economic re-balancing, item drop tweaks, set item improvements, and upgrade success rate changes.

Make sure to grab your own beta key here at MMOHut!

GamesCampus also publishes 9Dragons and Scarlet Legacy.

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