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Trion Worlds Launches Defiance: Silicon Valley

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[Defiance] Silicon Valley_ Durango _ Hellion

Today, players of Defiance are treated to a new world expansion – Silicon Valley.

The valley is populated by Grind and Karl Von Bach’s “Pilgrims of the Guiding Light” cult, and its citizens have called to ark hunters for help. These story lines are playing out both in-game and in the SyFy show, as players experience new enemies, challenges, and rewards for free.

Key features of the update are:

World Expansion: Silicon Valley
Karl Von Bach and the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light eagerly await your arrival. Almost … too eagerly. The valley is still crawling with Grid and not all is what it seems. Unravel its mysteries from the eerie edge of Pacifica to cultist temples guarding key areas of interest on either side of the buckled San Andreas Fault!

[Defiance] Silicon Valley_ Vista 1

New Missions: The Guiding Light
Dive into five new missions exploring the perils of Silicon Valley and the cult that calls it home. Are the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light simply a New Earth oddity, or do they hold a sinister purpose?

New Dynamic Events: Invasions
The Grid are using converted 99ers to erect Evangel devices across the zone. These constructs, if left unchecked, will turn its key areas into hives of Grid activity. Can you stop the Grid before they conquer the valley?

New Synergies and Outfits: Corporate Espionage
We’re proud to introduce the Corporate Espionage Lock Box. Themed after the works of William Gibson, these lock boxes contain vanity outfits and headgear as well as weapons and shields loaded with three new synergies.

[Defiance] Silicon Valley_ Port Bruno Ambush

Firewall turns ark hunters into living tanks by boosting their defenses, Wetwork bolsters damage output for the user and their allies, and The Way of Change encourages players to swap between melee and ranged attacks, boosting damage to one when you use the other.

New Equipment Modifier: Encryption
Certain advanced weapons and shields will now drop with the Encrypted trait, which confers a 3% bonus to damage or capacity. Additionally, when the Salvage Matrix is used to increase the rarity level of a shield or weapon, it will become Encrypted. This can only happen once; the Salvage Matrix will not be able to increase the rarity level of items that are already Encrypted.

EGO Rating Cap: 5900
Max EGO rating has been increased to 5900, which is possible to achieve without completing all Pursuits. Fear not: When the max rating is increased again, any additional points you’ve earned will automatically be added to your rating!

Full patch notes can be found on Defiance’s forums. Watch the trailer here!

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