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Ring of Elysium Arrives on Steam Today

Very real danger awaits in Ring of Elysium today as it hits Steam, with its dynamic weather systems and avalanches. A unique entry to the Battle Royale genre, players can even use these systems to their advantage, for example triggering an avalanche on unsuspecting players in the valley below. Whether climbing or snowboarding, players can travel in different ways, and use these terrible weather conditions to their advantage, or be consumed by the snow, should they be unaware.

The rescue helicopter objective that allows four players to win any given match. These features will breed all-new in-game tactical and strategic possibilities for players and longtime fans of the genre. Tencent has also announced that the EU version of the game is coming soon to all EU territories with localization support and multiple languages.

Features of Ring of Elysium:

  • Dynamic Weather System – Weather and temperature will change based on the specific environments. Players will battle hypothermia as they try to escape.
  • Survive the Avalanche – Certain special locations will be at risk of an avalanche. These catastrophic events can destroy the nearby buildings and any players in the affected area.
  • Innovative Weapon System –
    • Weapons – The player can equip up to 3 weapons (of different categories) at the same time.
    • Auto-equip accessories – Accessories will be equipped to the available weapon. If the weapons are switched, the accessories will be automatically switched to the next available weapon. If there isn’t an available weapon, accessories will put back into the backpack.
    • Double-scope – Every weapon that can equip scope can use up to two scopes at the same time as long as the scope fits the weapon. Players can quickly switch scopes using a shortcut.
  • 4 Winners – The goal of each match isn’t to kill everyone else, it’s to escape. A helicopter extraction will appear with 4 available seats allowing up to 4 players to win each match, that’s if they don’t shoot you as you climb the ladder.
  • Freedom of Movement – Travel by land, sea, or air. Hang glide, Snowboard, drive, or climb cliff faces using an ice ax.
  • Intuitive Cover Mechanics – Players can hide, lean out, and shoot from cover.
  • Choose Your Playstyle – Seamlessly switch between First Person Play (FPP) or Third Person Play (TPP).
  • Intelligent Team Communication – Mark out targets or selected paths on the map in real-time without needing to head into map view with a press of a button that will be visible to all teammates.
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