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Revive Pirates of the Caribbean Movement Gains Steam

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online players have put together almost 2,000 signatures at, an online petition urging Disney’s Interactive Media Group (DIMG) to continue development and support for the game.

The player community remained dedicated to the game throughout its five years online, even though the game’s main quest ceased after Chapter 1. Claiming a significant reduction of resources and development for Pirates Online, including the closure of its Online Help and phone support, the player community notes that the last major update to the game was released in December 2011.

The Revive POTCO movement began on July 29, 2012, to show player support and express their concerns for the game, which the community believes is still profitable. The movement is looking for the following issues to be addressed:

– Performance improvements to combat lags, freezes, bugs, and glitches, as well as improved communication and appropriate testing time.

– Content improvements to introduce new game content, particularly quests, as the game has shifted to a mini-game focus.

– Security improvements to minimize in-game hacking.

– Customer support reinstatement and the return of retail membership cards.

– Activity improvements to reintroduce live events and plotline continuation.

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