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New Server Celebration in Magerealm

New Server Celebration in Magerealm news header

Magerealm has been garnering worldwide success since the launch of Open Beta this month and things are just getting started for players. Veteran publisher and developer GTArcade is ecstatic that players are fully enjoying their wildly addictive free to play Action MMORPG. Feedback has been very positive, with players praising the action-packed battles, customization options, and wide range of features. And now GTArcade is ready to announce a grand celebration to kick off the launch of a brand new server!
Players will receive more for just playing the game! Event rewards will be greatly increased during the server launch celebration. This includes daily task rewards, 7-day login rewards, and so much more. There will be many new Hot Events added daily so players will always have something fresh and exciting to do (while earning some nice loot).
Exclusive Content
There will be new exclusive rewards, including unique titles, for reaching milestones in player level, guild level, Battle Rating, and more. The top 3 ranking players of each criteria will receive dazzling new titles to reflect their dedication to the game. These titles will only be up for grabs during the celebration, and will not be available afterwards. All players will receive bonus rewards for leveling up, raising their guild level, and other activities.
Shop Extravaganza
To give players a jump start on the new server, there will be a massive sale in Shop during the launch celebration. Additionally, after spending a certain amount in the Shop, items will be discounted even further! There will also be heavily discounted limited item bundles that players can purchase once per account. Get more bang for your buck! If you were thinking of jumping into the fantastic world of Magerealm, there’s no better time than now!
Start Your Legacy
Join the festivities today! Visit the official site at to get started. Take up arms and prep your spells, Magerealm is here!
Note: All celebration events will only be active on the new server.

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