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En Masse Releases TERA Rewards Program

En Masse Entertainment today released a new system into TERA known as TERA Rewards. Akin to rival Blade & Soul’s system, TERA Rewards offers players tiers to progress through from either completing end-game Vanguard Requests or spending EMP in the TERA store. As a player progressing through the tiers, new and improved items will become available, along with other bonuses! There’s 10 tiers in all.

As a means to test the new system out, all current TERA players will receive an initial grant of reward points and reward credits based on a number of factors, including how many level 65 characters they have, the length of time they have had elite status subscriptions, the amount of EMP they’ve spent, and whether they have a Founder’s account.

TERA Reward Tiers

For further details, be sure to check the TERA Rewards Guide page out.

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