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About MMOHuts: We’re committed to creating and maintaining the most detailed free MMO & MMORPG portal on the net.

We aim to provide detailed reviews, screenshots, videos, and resources for every client and browser based free to play MMO & MMOPRG.

Aside from bringing you the latest MMORPG news and reviews, we also strive to connect gamers with one another.

Because of the wide range of genres and personal preference, the goal of our reviews is to inform and outline the features of each game rather than overly critique. We use a five scale grading system (Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent) and encourage our viewers to rate games on a 1 – 5 star scale.

Members are also encouraged to contribute their own reviews and discuss games on our forums.

If you’d like to help us with our project please be sure to register, participate on the message boards, and recommend the site to your friends!

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