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‘Freestyle 2’ is a multiplayer online basketball game and the the sequel to ‘Freestyle: Street Basketball’. Join up with hundreds of players online in a stylish basketball experience where every match is a super match!

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Publisher: Joycity
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
Type: Online Basketball Sports Game
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Cartoony visuals, tons of customization and tricks. +Unique gameplay. +Good tutorials. +Plenty of customization options. +Matches are short, simple and fun. +Good music. +Plenty of items / skills in the shop
Cons: – Only one type of game mode. – Many non-english speaking players.  -(Limited information available)

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FreeStyle 2 Overview

Every match is a super match! Make every play in your imagination come true!

‘Freestyle2’, the sequel to ‘Freestyle1’, unveils its brilliant new features with the sophistication of the original series still alive! With cool toys which will accompany you on the court, play to make the victory yours through amazing performances until the moment the ball leaves your fingertips. Become a star player when the court goes wild with cheers of the toys from your great shots.

FreeStyle 2 Street Basketball (FreeStyle 2 for short), is a 3D Basketball MMO developed by JC Entertainment. Gameplay is fast-paced, smooth, and incredibly addictive. Even if you aren’t a fan of Basketball, Just like FreeStyle, FreeStyle 2’s simple and fun gameplay should keep you wanting more. With five positions, numerous courts and boatloads of customization options, FreeStyle 2 is certainly one of the best sports MMOs out there.

Classic look and feel retained: Contains brilliant new features with the sophistication of the original series.

Customization and cool moves: With cool toys which will accompany you on the court, play to make the victory yours through amazing performances until the moment the ball leaves your fingertips.

Five classes/positions: Play as a Center, Small Forward, Power Forward, Power Guard or Shooting Guard.


Center(C)  The backbone of a team and the heart of Defense! In basketball, which is a kind of sports where the shot success rate is higher near the rim, center is a position with the strongest power to take control of the basket.

Strong points - Under-the-basket shot, Tussle, Block, Rebound

Weak points - Slow moving speed, low success rate of long range shot  (The overall performance is likely to get poor far from the basket.)

Power forward(PF)  The anchor and energizer of a team With strong stamina and outstanding physique, a PF can play various pivotal roles in offense and defense.

Strong points - Dunk, Block, Rebound

Weak points - Low success rate of long range shot. Due to straight forward offense pattern, the influence of this position can be easily diminished when there is a strong big man on the opposing team. In this case, rather than engaging in reckless offense, it is better to help other teammates score by opening up an opportunity for them through screenplay.

Small forward(SF) –  All-round scoring machine.

Strong points - Mid-range shot, Drive in, penetration

Weak points - SF is a versatile position but sometimes that could work against the team. When getting an intense marking, it is better to refrain from reckless offense and try to focus on teamwork plays.

Point Guard(PG) The field commander on the court! PG, who handles the ball longer than any other positions, can make fantastic team play through speed and accurate passing. This position is considered as the lead-off man who controls both offense and defense from the forefront.

Strong points - Pass, steal, penetration 

Weak points - When PG uses team members to score for himself, it could undermine the teamwork and cause chaos under-the-rim due to excessive shot attempts.

Shooting Guard(SG) The ace of a team and absolute game-changer!

Strong Points - Three pointer, Layup, Penetration

Weak Points  - SG, who can easily get narrowed view of a game due to obsession with scoring, is prone to try reckless penetration and three pointer attempts.

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FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball – First Look

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