Grey Goo

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Three factions fight to control the lifeblood of a planetary oasis: can you lead your people to victory in this tactical RTS?

Note: This is a buy-to-play retail game.

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Publisher: Petroglyph Games
Playerbase: N/A
Graphics: High
Type: RTS
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Heavier focus on tactics over micromanagement. +Strong single player and multiplayer content. +Supports LAN and ranked multiplayer.

Cons: -Limited information available.

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Grey Goo Overview

Grey Goo is a real time strategy game featuring three factions: Humans, Beta, and Goo. Fighting over the resources of a strange and beautiful world, you must battle against your enemies not out of hatred, but for survival. Grey Goo features a single player campaign, offline single player skirmishes, and both LAN and online multiplayer competitive matches.

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Grey Goo Articles

  • Grey Goo: Launching on Friday Jan 23 - Posted on January 22, 2015
    Team Grey Box is super excited for the launch of Grey Goo this Friday. It's been a long time coming, but now it’s your turn to join the battle. Beta, Human, Goo – which faction will you choose?
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