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Fantasy Tales Online Overview

Fantasy Tales Online is an upcoming cross-platform MMORPG that will offer unique graphics with a retro style. To be successful, players must form parties, collect gear, and fight through randomly generated and hand crafted dungeons. Features in development include crafting, player housing, weather, and a changing landscape.

Features :

  • Multi-Platform : Party up with your friends no matter what computer system they are running on!
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons : Quest through unique dungeons that pose different challenges, and loot each time you enter.
  • Point Based Skill System : Choose how you want your character to advance through your leveling experience.
  • Active Development Team : Have your voice be heard, with a development team that is committed to making your voice feel heard.
  • Unique Biomes : Weather that reacts based off of where you are located.

Fantasy Tales Online Screenshots

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Fantasy Tales Online Review

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Fantasy Tales Online Screenshots

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System Requirements

Fantasy Tales Online System Requirements

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