PAX Prime 2013 Recap Day 3: FFXIV, Guns of Icarus Online, SMITE, The Repopulation, and Cosplay Round-Up!

Games in this Article: Guns of Icarus, Final Fantasy XIV, SMITE, League Of Legends

Cosplay Day 3 Final Round-Up


I proudly present the final batch of our Cosplay pictures from PAX Prime 2013!

Armor1 Armor2 Cosplay Cosplay2 Cosplay3 Cosplay4 CosplayGroup1 CosplayPhotobomb fifthelement GeassCouple JayceSejuani KnightInShiningArmor MightyMoose MissFortuneCouple NeonVi PAXRockOut ReverseAnnie StreetFighter SurpriseFiddlesticks


Thanks as always for supporting our MMO convention coverage. We look forward to bringing the experience of future PAX conventions to the safety and PAX Pox free location of your PC again in 2014!

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