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Joymax is pleased to announce a new, exclusive Digimon for their exciting MMORPG, Digimon Masters Online!

While the current cast of available Digimon are pulled from the anime series, which will be entering its seventh season in North America later this year, players now get to unleash a new Digimon previously found only in single player games – introducing the fierce and arrogant Agumon(Black)! First introduced in Digimon World 3, Agumon(Black) played a strong role in the title pair Digimon: Dusk and Digimon: Dawn. Now players can tame this rare Digimon, exclusively in Digimon Masters!


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Agumon(Black) is a Rookie-level Virus with abilities and stats similar to his brother Agumon. He Digivolves into Greymon(Black), where differences begin to manifest; from his blue body with grey markings, it is clear this Virus-type is no longer so charming. Armed with his new Grey Tooth attack, he’ll take a serious bite out of anyone foolish enough to challenge him!

This Digimon’s Ultimate digivolution – Metal Greymon(Black) — remains a Virus type, though his increasingly cybernetic body begins to foreshadow a major change in the appearance of future digivolutions. With both the Giga Destroyer and Megaton Punch attacks at his disposal, he presents a terrifying challenge for other tamers to overcome. Finally, the Mega form of the Black line, War Greymon(Black), is a fully cybernetic creature, seeking out dark justice by eliminating cowardice and foul play. Armed with its furious Black Tornado and unleashing its devastating Dark Gaia Force like a fireball, there are dew Digimon who can stand up to its unholy wrath!

Tamers can begin training up their Agumon(Black) starting on March 12th. Numerous events, including a 30% sale on all Digi-Eggs, will be revealed next week on the official Digimon Masters Facebook.

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