Chrono Tales Prepares Two New Servers

Ray Media Group Limited has announced the launch of two new servers for Chrono Tales, scheduled for around February 18.  This comes after a successful launch and thousands of active players in game regularly.

57664  540x400 chrono tales feb11 1


In addition, the Chrono Tales team has detailed more about Survival island, one of the daily in game events.  Survival Island consists of 13 floating islands that players can traverse and attack freely on.  When the islands open, players will have 10 minutes to prepare themselves for the event, with notifications every 30 seconds.  Once the event starts, the islands slowly begin to close, leaving combat with others a forgone conclusion.  Prizes are awarded based on performance, with extra prizes given for the top three players.

57665  540x400 chrono tales feb11 2


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