Breaking Silence on RaiderZ’s New Expansion

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Perfect World is excited to share the first details on RaiderZ: Broken Silence, the first expansion for the award-winning monster hunting MMORPG. Players can look forward to an increased level cap, new areas to explore, bosses, gear, features, and much more.


“We’re raising the level cap, we’re adding new zones, new gear, and of course, more epic boss fights for hunters to discover and master,” said Senior Producer Mark Hill. “These are all additions that our players have been clamoring for, and we’re happy to give it to them!”


In addition, RaiderZ: Broken Silence will introduce a new PvP Battle Arena, a new ‘Wave System’ mechanic that finds individuals and groups hunting down large packs of deadly monsters, and an improved party matchmaking system, making it easier than ever to hunt together.



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