MMORPG Etiquette – Do’s and Dont’s of MMORPGs

Let’s face it, Free to play MMORPGs / MMO Games are the way of the future. I’ve predicted this over a year ago, but ever since the release of Battlefield Heroes, a western MMOFPS game, I’m now positive that every major game publisher will embrace the ‘Free to play’ model in some way. Since there are already 150+ free to play MMORPGs / MMOs on the market, I figure this article should help out those new to the MMO genre.

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Do: Read! Read as much as you can about an MMORPG / MMO game before jumping into it, because unfortunately most of these free to play titles don’t have tutorials or even helpful documentation. You’re better off keeping the game’s official website bookmarked for reference, as most of the game’s mechanics and frequently asked questions are outlined there.

Don’t: Ask every little question you have in the game’s global chat. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it, but asking questions that are explained in the game someplace or easily accessible on the official website can get extremely annoying.

Do: Play with others. MMORPGs are actually a lot more fun when you group with other players and interact with them. Joining a guild can be an extremely rewarding and fun experience. Playing by yourself can get you burned out of a game very fast and odds are you’ll never be able to experience a game’s toughest dungeons if you’re playing solo.

Don’t: Be a jerk. This one may seem obvious, but being a Jerk is a quick way to get ostracized in a game. If you steal someone else’s kill or harass other players, the word will get out and other players won’t group with you.

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Do: Respect others while hunting / playing an MMORPG. If you see someone in danger, help them out if you can, I’m sure they’ll return the favor one day. Plus, if you’re in danger, you’d want someone to help you out, wouldn’t you?

Don’t:Kill steal! Kill stealing, usually abbreviated as KS, is the act of attacking a monster or NPC that another play is already attacking or about to engage. It’s extremely annoying and also a quick way to make enemies. You wouldn’t want others to kill steal you, so don’t do it to others.

Do: Report hackers, gold farmers, glitchers and exploiters to GMs (Game Masters) right away. Glitches and exploits ruin the game for everyone and gold farmers can destroy a game’s economy, as it did for Ultima Online after duping allowed farmer’s to flood the game’s economy with billions of gold.

Don’t: Use any third party program not supported by the MMORPG publisher. Programs that provide you an unfair advantage are likely prohibited and can lead to account termination.

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Do: When hunting / grouping / raiding with other players, establish a clear ‘looting’ system that everyone understands and agrees with. For those that play World of Warcraft, the standard system for raiding is called DKP.

Don’t: ‘Ninja Loot’. Ninja Looting is a term popularized by EverQuest and it basically means, grabbing a valuable piece of ‘loot’ unfairly [example: without rolling for it or obeying a previously agreed upon looting system]. Odds are if you ninja loot often, you’ll find that other players won’t want to group with you.

Do: Be a team player. Don’t try to do something your character isn’t good at. If you’re tank class, focus on absorbing damage and staying alive, not dealing damage. If you’re a healer / support class, do your job and heal, don’t try casting offensive spells.

Don’t: Leroy it. ‘Leyroy’ing it’ is a term popularized by a character in World of Warcraft named ‘Leroy Jenkins’  and it’s basically the act of pulling an enormous amount of monsters to your group and getting them all killed. It may seem like a ‘fun thing to do’, but it’s also a quick way to get yourself kicked out of your guild / group. Another consequence of getting your group wiped along with yourself is that a lot of MMORPGs, like MapleStory for example, have a large EXP penalty for death and you don’t want a whole group of people angry with you.

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By, Omer Altay

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