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ZMR – T-Rekt Update Gameplay + Convergence

Prepare to get “Jurasskicked!!!” In ZMR’s latest update, T-Rekt, you’ll travel to exotic tropical locations to mow down Dominion soldiers, zombies, monsters, and starting now…dinosaurs!
T-Rekt features a new mode called “Extinction Ops” that features “Jurassholes!”—a new mini-campaign that pits players against Dominion soldiers and dinosaurs as they complete semi-random objectives scattered across a tropical island. Complete the objectives and attempt to escape the island, but not before facing off against a Tyrannosaurus Rex with missiles strapped to its back in an epic final boss fight!
New Maps
T-Rekt features five more new maps in addition to Jurassholes! including Convergence (Threshold Defense), Cadaverous Isle (Kill Every Thing 2), along with three new maps: King of the Jungle (PvP and PvE), Terminal 23 (PvP and PvE), and Shell Beach (PvP only).
ZMR is now released on steam free to play, download it HERE!

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