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Ylands Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits! Trailer

Ylands has released Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits! This update combines over three years of work, offering a refreshed Ylands experience.

Ylands Update 2.0 introduces:

  • Lore – the Classy Adventurers Guild and the first campaign-like yland
  • Improved tutorial – smoother onboarding and new player UX
  • Handbook – helps players navigate the game and presents them with Ylands lore
  • Combat improvements – stamina, dashes, and power attacks to make combat more challenging but fun
  • Assets & Crafting – new and simpler interface that helps players craft literally anything
  • Terrain generation – more diverse and more varied individual ylands
  • New main menu and shop – easier, less overwhelming, simple to navigate
  • Mobile experience – quick game start with Google and Apple account logins, PC cross platform, UX improvements
  • Multiple gameplay improvements and content – sailing with wind, easier fast travel, new random encounters, etc.
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