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Wreckfest Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Wreckfest starts now and brings you more free tracks, challenges, rewards, and DLC car packs! The first of four DLCs, the Getaway Car Pack, is available now and just in time for the September 2020 Tournament Mode: Getaway Heat.

The Free Update includes:

  • A new Tournament Season: Getaway Heat
  • A new track: Hillstreet Circuit
  • Fixes for Save and Memory issues
  • Stability and performance improvements

The Car Pack includes:

  • Bullet: This classic american muscle car oozes with pure power and strength, and is a perfect getaway car
  • Razor: One of the finest tuner cars, very agile and super fast on twisty tracks.
  • Cardinal: This former state official car with a reinforced body is ideal for the toughest car chases!

The Getaway Car Pack is the seventh Car Pack and part of the Season Pass #2, which includes 12 new cars, spread across four DLCs. This new content will be released step by step.

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