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Worlds Adrift Alpha Sign-Up Trailer

Bossa Studios announces the biggest playtest yet for Worlds Adrift, its physics-driven sandbox MMO.

The new alpha playtest introduces the Shipyard, where players can create their own ships to navigate the skies. It also updates the UI, controls, improves framerate, and adds many more new surprises.

Bossa is also showcasing progression mechanics for the first time, allowing players to explore the Knowledge tree to learn how to build proficiency in certain skills, discover ancient databanks filled with rewards, and unlock pieces of lore that will give players insight into the history of the shattered world.

Sign-ups for the alpha are still available until November 18 at this link.

The Island Creator has also been expanded recently, adding new features including the ability to create complex ruins, hide containers and chests that spawn in the live game, encode murals and databanks to be solved, and more.

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