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World of Warships: Dasha Presents Update 0.7.7

Update 0.7.7 of World of Warships brings with it the “Go Navy!” event, a rework to the Arsenal, reworked operations and much more. It also comes with a new event, “Sharks vs. Eagles”, which releases in the update. Players will choose to fight for either team and earn points through winning battles and completing missions. These points will be converted to containers which are delivered to each team. These can have a variety of items, like supplies, cosmetics, coal and more. Sharks vs. Eagles also adds a new Loyalty feature to World of Warships, where players can be bribed by the other team to abandon their comrades and fight alongside their foes. Those who do switch sides earn bonuses but staying loyal can earn valuable event tokens, which can be used on cosmetics for their warships.

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