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World of Warships: Dasha Presents 0.7.11

Starting on November 23, players of Wargaming’s popular naval combat game will see massive 30-50% discounts on premium ships, port slots, and consumables. Along with the fantastic ship and consumables sale, costs for training ship crews will be reduced, making it easier to equip your new ships with more skilled crews. To help during this time, World of Warships will introduce a series of in-game Combat Missions where participants earn Black Friday prize containers. These have all-black camo patterns for ships, Premium playtime, premium ships and much more.
Update 0.7.11 is almost here for World of Warships, and it’s entitled “Rule, Britannia”! As the final part of the British Cycle, it features the Royal Navy Event, a final chance to complete the Royal Navy Destroyers Collection and the “Twilight Battle” event. Some of the biggest changes include damage model updates which are especially helpful for Destroyer captains — who will find their ships buffed to be more durable in battle, along with multiple changes to maps to aid in maneuverability and lines of sight.

In addition to the above, the following changes are coming in Update 0.7.11:
  • Season 4 of Clan Battles begins
  • A new weather system, the Thunderstorm Front, arrives on three in-game maps, bringing with it a new visual effect focusing on rain and blizzards that hinders visibility, detection, and accuracy
  • The Arsenal gets a refresh, removing the Royal Navy category, but adds the French Tier X battleship, “Bourgogne.” This steel behemoth is sure to make an impression on all who encounter it!

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