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The latest update for World of Warships Blitz is here, and with it comes eight new French battleships that are ready to do battle. The premiere French battleship is without a doubt the Turenne, which is a Tier III and is researchable from Friant, the Tier III cruiser. At lower tiers, these battleships are much like the other nations battleships – they hit hard and have sturdy armor. But the greater you progress into the tech tree, you see where the French battleships begin to shine.

They ultimately wind up incredibly fast, and from Tier VII and up, they show off something special. The high-tier battleships will also boast strong AA armaments, and their turrets now have four guns. The downside is that these guns have a weaker caliber.  Fast and agile, this is uncommon for this particular class of ship, but they can move even faster, using the Engine Accelerator skill. To coincide with their weaker armor, they do have very accurate guns. The below ships are all available in World of Warships Blitz now.

French Battleships:

  • Turenne, Tier III
  • Courbet, Tier IV
  • Bretagne, Tier V
  • Normandie, Tier VI
  • Lyon, Tier VII
  • Gascogne, Tier VIII
  • Alsace, Tier IX
  • République, Tier X
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