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World of Warships Announces New British Ship Line

Now that the aircraft carrier line has been relaunched, it’s time for Britain to see some new ships in World of Warships! With the 0.8.1 update today (Feb. 27th, 2019), the British Aircraft Carriers will be added to the game. Three Royal Navy aircraft carriers enter the fray through early access. Mighty tier IV Hermes, tier VI Furious, and tier VIII Implacable will be made available upon completing new missions and Directives of the “Fly! Strike! Win!” in-game event. In next month’s patch update, the full line of aircraft carriers will arrive.

The British planes have a good amount of HP and this means they can make bolder strikes against ships that boast powerful AA defenses. While they are slower than their American and Japanese counterparts, they can dole out greater damage with rockets and high-level bombs. This makes them unique in the aircraft carrier role. Additionally, from February 28 to March 14, players who log in each day will receive free Air Supply containers in World of Warships. These containers include — Naval Aviation collection, camos, signal flags, resources, and combat missions that can help players earn additional ships.

There are also three new changes coming in patch 0.8.1. This changes how Search Radar works, with other interface updates, and a change to how ships suffer flooding damage. More information can be found in the patch notes below.

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