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World of Tanks Blitz Teams Up With MMA Star Aaron Pico

Ahead of Bellator 214, World of Tanks Blitz announced that they are teaming up with MMA fighter Aaron Pico. Pico is a mixed martial artist currently signed to Bellator, in their Featherweight division. Pico recently visited the team responsible for World of Tanks Blitz and filmed some ads while there. The slant of the ads was on the tropes commonly associated with MMA.

“We all sat down to come up with some ideas for the ad. We started with common preconceived notions of both mixed martial arts and the overenthusiasm and creative craziness that is born from advertising agencies,” states Thaine Lyman, General Manager, Wargaming Mobile. “We all know these are just misconceptions but by poking a little fun, we really thought it added to the humor and when we pitched it to Aaron, he really got into it!”

The combination of a mobile game and an MMA fighter might seem a little strange itself at first glance, but they have more similarities than meets the eye. Both World of Tanks Blitz and mixed martial arts are about strategy, tactics and, of course, the feeling of power. Simply being strong is not enough, having wit and cunning go hand-in-hand when competing in MMA fights. When discussing the sport, Pico had this to say:

“In this game, you have to have a strategy going into the fight because there are so many weapons that guys possess and so many options. To go in there blind would be an absolutely foolish thing to do.”

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