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World of Tanks Adds “Spoils of War” Trilogy As A Free Expansion for Console

World of Tanks‘s console¬†“War Stories” is receiving a trilogy of stories, “Spoils of War” where World War II never ended. It’s an alternative history tale in both single-player/co-operative style missions, where the world is growing desperate as the War never ended. In these new War Stories, players will be on three different fronts, as an American, Soviet, and German heroes. Unlike previous adventures though, these characters act on their conscience and morals, instead of simply following orders. Chapter 1, “Sieben Ritter” takes place in a small town on the German-Polish border where an incoming Soviet force may extinguish hope of surrendering to the Allies. It’s up to Captain Karl Staupe and his Sieben Ritter to make the final stand in Berlin.

Chapter 2, “The Connoisseur” features Sergeant Frank Martinez, tasked with destroying stolen art and priceless treasures for the Allies. However, German soldiers have their sights set on it and wish it for themselves. The Allies saw the German philosophy of Kunstschutz¬†(preserving art during times of conflict) as looting and wanted it stopped. So now, Martinez gives chase. The final chapter is “Potemkin” takes place on the German front lines, where a Soviet artillery commander has been selling food on the black market to keep his people from starving.¬†Soviet high command has discovered the dealings and scrambled an armored NKVD unit to restore order and bring justice. Captain Anatoly Petrov, risking capture and punishment for defying his superiors, decides to rebel against Soviet high command and fight back.

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