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World of Tanks 8.3 Preview Interview

World of Tanks 8.3 Preview Interview with Head of Esports for Wargaming America

DizzyPW was invited to San Francisco yesterday to get an exclusive look at the changes coming to World of Tanks in update 8.3 which features brand new Chinese Tanks.  Dizzy interviews Caleb Fox, the head of Esports for Wargaming America about how these new tanks play their role on the battlefield along with other changes that were made to the game in the most recent patch scheduled to launch tomorrow.

Here are the details for the game changes in update 8.3:

Added the new Chinese tanks tech tree (17 light, medium, and heavy tanks)
The tier I light tank Renault NC-31 is added with a slot
Fixed tank model errors: T57, T28, AMX 13 75, Grille, M10 Wolverine, T25/2, Valentine GB, AC Mle 1946, SU 100Y, AT-15A, IS, TOG-2, Churchill I, Object 263, IS-2, T30, and KV-5
Fixed armoring discrepancies: T82, Object 261, M22 Locust, Pz III/IV, VK 4502 P, and Т69
Fixed camouflage cost for Type 62 and SU100 Y
Changed HE explosion splash radius: slightly increased for small calibers, practically no changes to medium calibers, and decreased for large calibers. Changes to medium calibers can be found in the vehicle changes section of the update notes.
Added new loading screens featuring Chinese tanks
Fixed incorrect visualization of permitted vehicle tiers for participation in junior and medium tank companies
Fixed some minor errors in the battle results screen
Fixed the description of the “Confederate” achievement
The criteria for crediting the “Spartan” commemorative has been brought into accordance to its description
Fixed font quality in some places of the interface
Fixed the system name of the ban at the login screen
Fixed surname duplicates in the personal data of French tankers
Removed from the store the turrets for TD/SPGs which have no turrets
Fixed the visualization errors of vehicles track traces

These are just changes from 8.2, here are the changes to the individual nations.

Changes to French Tanks
Changes to German Tanks
Changes to British Tanks
Changes to American Tanks
Changes to Soviet Tanks

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