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World on Fire Is Now Available on iOS and Android Devices

Camel Games and Perfect World have teamed up to bring World War II strategy to iOS and Android in World on Fire. Players will form alliances to take on battles of varying sizes, as well as research alien tech to conquer the world. There are four classes of military armaments to use in World on Fire – Artillery, Armored Vehicles, Tanks and Infantry. Decision making is key as well as quick thinking to deal with unforeseen attacks and enemy formations. Though players will be battling others around the world, they can also form alliances with these people, and also features a communication so they can chat and plan for the battles ahead. Super Weapons and High-Powered Mech attacks also await in this alternate-history World War II.

Players will encounter battles of varying sizes ranging from as small as ten to as large as hundreds with real-time map battles. Allied players will be able to jump into battles to help their friends at any time, view past and on-going battles, and respond accordingly via the real-time battle updates. World on Fire has integrated two viewpoints into the map system allowing players to have an overall large-scale view or to see what’s going on right in the thick of things with the inside battle view.

A full list of features includes:

  • Four distinct military forces: tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and infantry.
  • Play solo or form alliances with friends.
  • Support your allies by jumping into battle with them at any time.
  • Discuss battle plans, strategies, and submit requests with your allies at any time with the intuitive communication system.
  • Experience dynamic battles ranging from small-scale to large-scale full on wars with hundreds of players facing off against one another.
  • Build and customize your base to help your troops flourish.
  • Research new alien technologies to get ahead of enemy forces and conquer the world.
  • Stay in the know of the battle with real-time map updates featuring overall and in-battle focused views.
  • View past battles and on-going battles via the map feature.
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