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Wizard101 Mirage Raider’s Bundle

Wizard101 introduces a new $39 bundle at Gamestop – the Mirage Raider’s Bundle!

• The Nomad’s Camp – This house is no mere castle. The Nomad’s Camp is a series of tents strung together by magic lamps that summon you to a central den where your ingenuity can be untethered. A pond stocked with fish awaits you, a dueling circle to entice your friends, and even your own personal Dromel Merchant to act as your daily benefactor. Who knows what other secrets this camp hides?
• The Desert Racer Mount – This tamed wonder of Mirage is yours to ride into the sunset. Half Jackal, half feathered friend, and all together amazing.
• The Sultan’s Monkey Pet – aha! A trickster companion to steal your heart and add power to your attacks. You will soon come to know the commanding powers (and charms) of the Sultan’s Monkey.
• Behold the Dunerunner’s headwrap, tunic, and footwear — The powers of damage, healing, and shielding now emanate from a special suit of striking Mirage style.
• The Desert Lodestar Staff – Shine brightly, strike quickly, and may the power of Mithraya be with you. This staff will be the star to guide you on your way.
• and, finally, 1 month of membership to Wizard101 or 5000 crowns to do with as you please.

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