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Weekly Recap | April Fools Edition – Overwatch, War Thunder, Warframe, Newegg & More!

April Fools was pretty slick this year since we’re all stuck at home, the pranks were pretty real! These are just a few from the gaming industry all recapped together!
Whats up guys, JamesBl0nde here! As you’ve noticed we don’t have a regular Weekly Recap this week that was kinda boring, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a special April Fool’s Edition! There was a decent amount of cool stuff this year, probably because the devs are working from home slowly going insane. I think we all need a laugh or a grin right now with all that’s going on – just remember you can’t wipe the grin off your face, touching your face is bad mojo. Now wash your hands just for thinking about it.

Overwatch Googly Eyes: 0:19
(Thanks to Master Ian Gamer for footage!)

Do you ever feel like eyes in video games just aren’t expressive enough?  Well, Overwatch has got you covered!  With this new update, characters take on a whole new personality! It’s said that eyes are a window into the soul, and sometimes all that’s required to see into them is just a little randomness.  Sure, this may cause some problems with aiming, since it takes a little bit to see straight again, but we sincerely believe the sheer, raw emotion conveyed will be enough to forgive it.

Fantasy Battle Royale (PUBG): 1:20

Guns.  Guns.  And more Guns.  That’s all anyone seems to think about when it comes to Battle Royale games.  Where’s the swords?  The sorcery?  PUBG knows what’s up!  Fantasy Battle Royale is a fresh take on the stale BR genre.  Will you be a raging barbarian, a noble paladin, a loose-cannon wizard, or a sneaky sniping ranger?  Forsooth!

Dying Light & Unturned Collab: 1:49

What happens when you combine two highly successful zombie survival franchises? You get the Dying Light and Unturned collaboration, of course! Marvel at the hoards of 8-bit zombies brought to life in glorious HD. Those boxes have never looked better! Very corners, such sharp, zombie… Wow. Craft incredible new weapons like the rake, the hockey stick, and the machete, and always wear a smile with the exclusive outfit!

SPACE THUNDER (War Thunder): 2:17 + Scarce Goods

Tired of confining their warfare sim to just the Earth, Gaijin Entertainment has taken their game to the final frontier with Space Thunder!  Fight to take control of the International Space Station with your crew as you don solar powered flight modules, and forget about that pesky battle going on below. Space is truly where the best combat lies! In case you’re stuck on terra firma, though … at least you’ll have the all new toilet paper 3d decoration to show your opponents who really has the cash money down here. This is one of my favorites, get them while their still in stock, though you might have to wait in line?

New Tier X Tank (World of Tanks): 2:58

What happens when you try and take the worst tank in World of Tanks and make it something truly wonderful?  The MS-1 has received a massive overhaul, giving it a much more powerful gun, hovering capabilities, and a jammer to make everyone think you’re an ally. Added on for good measure are two massive horns to truly let people know  to get out of your way, because you’re the boss!

April Fool’s Map & Weapon (Warface): 3:25

Not to be outdone, Warface has also gotten in on the foolery with a new themed map – transforming its Oil Depot map into a Big Top Circus tent, complete with  flying sharks and murderous clowns. They’ve also introduced the “Hype Zone Spray,” aka Mr. Cleaner, which let you spring clean your enemies into the ground.

Film Memoir Mode (Tannenburg): 3:48

And over in Tannenburg and Verdun, why not experience World War I the way it should be, historically? Check out the amazing low FPS, desaturated, film-grain experience of a “talkie” movie in true World War shooter action.

Dream Deity (SMITE): 4:08

Are you lonely?  Does beating other gods and their minions just leave you wanting a little bit more? Maybe you’re looking for love in all the wrong places? Don’t worry, SMITE has you covered with its all new Dream Deity mode! With seven hunky gods to romance, this brand new addition to SMITE is its most ambitious yet. Available only on the Ouya.

MoreFrame (Warframe): 4:29

Have you ever wanted to get more out of Warframe, even when you’re not playing? Introducing the Tenno Lifestyle channel on Youtube! Mukbang, Nighttime Storytime, five minute crafts, and even ASMR offerings, all Warframe themed, are yours to watch and experience. There’s even Let’s Play series for those who prefer to watch other people play video games!

Maprilstory (MapleStory): 4:53

Meanwhile MapleStory – I mean MapRILstory – is bringing out only the best content for its players with the Toben Hair Damage Skin! Yes, you can now turn your damage effects into dozens of Toben Hair sprites! All it takes is picking up a quest and defeating over 20 million monsters your own level during the event. Seems totally feasible.

Infinite Dimensions (Minecraft): 5:16

And Minecraft isn’t taking this situation lying down. No, they’ve decided that you just can’t half-ass game content, so they’re adding everything. Literally everything. Every possible combination of every possible alternative reality, made into a real reality. Just wish for it, toss a book into a portal, and you’re on your way to one of two billion worlds. Who needs any more updates after this one?

Kitfone Games (Kitfox Games): 5:47

Find games too easy and too cheap to buy these days? Kitfox Games is launching its “Kitfone Games” service. For just three easy installments of $69, plus $4.20 shipping and handling, you can get your games via phone call! Kitfone Games makes your gaming time feel much more valuable – once you get the game, that is.

Introducing the Newegg F-4-C-A-D-3 Insta-PC Case Mod: 6:16

And what good are all of these games – if you don’t have a good rig? Newegg has launched its F-4-C-A-D-3 Insta-PC! Turn any modest computer into an ultra-gaming rig that you can show off to friends, family, and total strangers on the internet. New Egg has used digital image processing, lenticular science, and optical microstructures to give you the best looking PC money can buy.

And that’s all we’ve got this week! We’ll catch you next week with our regular edition of game news – well as regular as it can be. Be sure to stay safe, and keep your families healthy! Check the links for the full videos to each one of these april fools events, feel free to share your favorites in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, wash your hands a bunch, hit that little bell icon to get notifications and of course share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!


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