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Weekly Recap #391 January 10th – Magic: Legends Gameplay, A New League of Angels, CES News & More!

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We get our first peak at gameplay for Magic: Legends, sooner than we thought, Ashes of Creation is finally ready for Alpha, major announcements are incoming for League of Legends, and ohhh man some real epic tech got revealed at CES this year.

Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for gaming news and announcements for the week of January 10 2020. Back a gain from the holiday break in a new year, a new decade, actually. Seems like a lot of the game studios are still on break or are just being particularly quiet because the news is still a little on the light side this week but either way

Magic: Legends Gameplay Trailer: 0:18 0:45

Let’s kick it off with the hottest news this week – Magic: Legends, the brand new Magic the Gathering MMO, is back in the news this week with a big exclusive reveal over at Game Informer. One of the big things out this week is the first look at gameplay, proving that the game will actually be an action RPG in the style of Diablo and Path of Exile. But it’s also going to have card based game play, with players having a deck of 12 cards that cycle, including four active cards plus additional abilities, buffs, spells, and summons. I mean it wouldn’t really be Magic the Gathering without some cards, but this is a cool approach regardless. We’ve also been hinted at that Shiv and the Caligo Morass will be some of the lands available to explore. This game seems to get a little more exciting each week.

Ashes of Creation Announces Incoming Alpha Test: 1:23

Speaking of new MMOs, There’s been a lot of speculation about Ashes of Creation since its developer decided to launch a side project, also known as Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, but the new year brought some new developments for the MMORPG side of things. Intrepid Studios has announced that Ashes of Creation will be entering its Alpha One phase this year.  This alpha won’t be under NDA so it’ll be the first time backers and the public get to see the MMORPG itself! Of course Apocalypse will also have an update that introduces public testing of the castle siege mechanic, which will also be part of the MMO.

League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury Trailer: 1:58

And not to be outdone, Yoozoo’s back with another League of Angels!? It’s been seven years since the original League of Angels launched and now Yoozoo is ready with yet another game in the series – League of Angels Heaven’s Fury. This time the game is going to be an ARPG and features a brand new storyline while sticking with the same theme of recruiting Angels. The game will feature new PvE and PvP modes, three classes (Mage, Archer, and Dragoon), and all the usual MMO trappings. It definitely has improved graphics and looks from the previous games, so if you’re a fan of the  series, check the link below to find out how to pre-register.

League of Legends: Season 2020 Teaser: 2:36

From one League to another – League of Legends has rolled out its first teaser for Season 2020, preparing everyone for a bunch of announcements for what’s to come for the next decade of League. One of the biggest things from this announcement is the upcoming launch of the Clash mode, its team-mode tournament – maybe they really mean it this time! There’s also new champions, champion reworks including an amazing looking Volibear visual upgrade, and of course balance changes. There’s also some upcoming announcements about Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and even a League Tabletop game? That’s crazy! Stay tuned to MMOHuts for all the updates on these announcements.

Paladins – A Tigron’s Tale Update Overview: 3:17

Over in Paladins, the newest champion Tiberius, The Weapons Master, is finally out of testing and on the live servers in the new “A Tigron’s Tale” update. Tiberius uses chakrams, which can bounce off floors and objects, and a heavy blade,  which he can throw and yank back to his side for some serious damage. Tiberius is a mobile damage dealer and can even give himself a temporary damage shield. Paladins has also introduced a new Community Battle Pass with a revamp to reward players better for just playing the game. All the changes can be found in the patch notes linked below.

Apex Legends: Grand Soirée Arcade Event Trailer: 3:49

In the spirit of the Roaring 20s, Apex Legends is kicking off a special event next week – the Grand Soiree. Running from January 14 through January 28, the event will host a Mode Arcade with a new mode every two days, for a total of seven special themed modes to partake in. You can complete challenges throughout the event to rack up points  that unlock over a dozen special prizes. The event’s been tuned to try to make it easy enough to get all the rewards without having to grind it out every day, so make sure you hop in and earn some of this cool gear before it’s gone.

Hearthstone: Galakrond’s Awakening Cinematic Trailer: 4:23

And if you prefer your cool stuff with a foil pack, Hearthstone’s gearing up for another solo adventure launch with a brand new trailer for Galakrond’s Awakening. This new adventure is launching its first chapter on January 21st and includes two four-chapter campaigns, 35 new collectable cards, and two new card backs. Like most Hearthstone content though this requires a purchase to play, so keep that in mind if you’re not a major Hearthstone player.

Alienware shows off its new switch-like gaming PC: 4:50

CES 2020 has been going on this week and there are a few cool new gadgets on the PC side of things that stood out to me, first up, is that a Nintendo Switch, nope its actually a portable gaming PC from Alienware known as the UFO, go figure. As of right now its still in the concept phase with not a whole lot info available on the GPU side of things, though it is a powerful little machine sporting 10th Gen intel core processors. I’d say this is a really cool idea in that it takes the portability and versatility of a switch and sortof merges it with a gaming pc, all within a device with that fits in your hands. Seems like it would be really fun to MMO on the go without any compromises.

Razer goes minimalist yet ultra powerful with project Tomahawk: 5:36

But if its more of the desktop style setup you’re interested in, check out Razer’s new project tomahawk modular computer. This is interesting in that it’s built on the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element, which is essentially a motherboard, CPU and ram module, which also happens to be a 9th Gen Core i9… so no joking around in this little guy. It also has room for the big boy GPU’s like the RTX 2080Ti that’s in this one, all within a meer 10 liter chassis. Talk about a minimalist look, again without compromise. Seems to be the theme of what I’ve like at CES this year so far. Looking forward to learning more about these two pieces of tech as the come to life, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Deals of the Week: Steam, Epic, and Twitch (January 10, 2020) : 6:22

Finally it’s time for our deals of the week! Epic Games Store is offering Sundered: Eldritch Edition for free this week, and over on Twitch Prime, there’s ten games available free this month: A Normal Lost Phone, Anarcute, Splasher, Kingdom New Lands, Dandara, Enter the Gungeon, Ape Out, Witcheye, Heave Ho and Gato Roboto.

But with that said that’s about it for all the major news and announcements for this week for more information on the news topics, check the links in the description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more news in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon to get notifications and of course share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

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