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Weekly Recap #386 November 15th – Guild Wars 2, Kingdom Under Fire 2, New MMOs at G-Star & More!

World of Warships Releases 0.8.10 Update: 0:30

World of Warships has introduced update 0.8.10! This new update to the game brings new Italian Cruisers. There’s a ton of quality of life and balance changes made to the game, including improvements for the Co-op battle matchmaking system, battle economics, and too many other changes to list here. Furthermore, the Halloween themed event Raid for the Filth will remain open until November 27th, apparently its that good! If you want the full breakdown of the patch step by step, check out the link in the description for all the info.

Guild Wars 2 Reveals The Icebrood Saga Episode 1: 1:01

Guild Wars 2 showed off the first episode of the Icebrood Saga, entitled Whisper in the Dark with an official trailer this past week, the one you see playing here! Adventurers will head deep into the Far Shiverpeaks in this episode, which will release on November 19th.

SMITE Launches RWBY Battle Pass: 1:21

Smite has officially launched the RWBY Battle Pass! These include skins for Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Ruby among a series of other rewards that are unlockable through both playing the game normally and paying for the premium track.

Primordials of Amiryon Announcement Trailer: 1:36

Primordials of Amiryon is an upcoming MOBA heading to PC in 2020 and was announced this past week. This tug-of-war style MOBA will have upgradeable Primordials, champions, minions and much more. Players do battle in 1v1 matches, using strategy to smash their foes. Check out the trailer at the site post at

Battle Breakers Launch Trailer: 2:02

Epic Games has released its small-team produced Battle Breakers, a Hero Collector RPG available for free on PC, Android, and iOS.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Launches in North America and Europe: 2:19

MMO Publisher Gameforge has announced the launch of Kingdom Under Fire 2 this past week! It took practically forever and a day to show up in the west but its finally here. This highly anticipated fusion of MMO and RTS is now available in North America and Europe on Windows PC. Kingdom Under Fire 2 takes place 50 years after the events of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. The game’s story campaign can be played online solo or with others. In KUF2, three factions – the Human Alliance, the Dark Legion, and the Encablossians – vie for dominance of Bersia. Players can choose from five character classes (Berserker, Elementalist, Gunslinger, Ranger, and Spellsword), and play in both hack-and-slash modes for their hero along with RTS modes to command over 80 different types of units. To start playing, you can purchase the game in one of three packages, priced at $29.99, $49.99, and $99.99 USD. Each offers exclusive content and bonuses of course.

Pearl Abyss Reveals A Host of Games during G-Star 2019: 3:17

Pearl Abyss held a special press conference to show off four upcoming games for their fans to look forward to. The first of these is Plan 8, which is a sci-fi shooter. They will use their tried-and-true MMO combat system to make a unique shooting experience. The trailer for this game at least looks really cool. Speaking of shooting, DokeV is shooting for a 2020 beta test and is an MMO for all ages. It centers around unique creatures, known as “Dokebi”. These creatures grow and gain power through people’s dreams. Next we have Crimson Desert which is a fantasy title set on the continent of Pywel. In production by 2018, it features an all-star development cast and is aiming for beta tests on PC and console in 2020. Though “Crimson Desert” was a location in Black Desert Online, they insist it is its own IP. Crimson Desert did start as a prequel to Black Desert, but the team created a new storyline and new characters instead. The last game also originally had ties to Black Desert but in a greater way. We also have Shadow Areana. In this, 50 players did battle in a Battle Royale-style mode. Shadow Arena will have two modes (solo and team) and players will do battle in an action-packed setting. With real-time action for attacks and evasion, it promises to be intense. The goal is the same: be the last spirit standing. The closed beta test is going to begin on November 21st, ending on November 24th. You can register for it in the link below.

MapleStory Glory: Strengthening Alliances Trailer: 5:04

MapleStory announced the release date for its Glory: Strengthening Alliances update alongside a new trailer! This new update, available on November 20th, introduces the Glory event which will run until January 28, 2020, offering special rewards and missions as players rank up in the Maple Alliance’s Glory Guard. Players who join by December 3rd will receive VIP Royal Hair and Face Coupon rewards. Also starting on November 20 is a Tera Burning event, where Tera Burning characters earn two extra levels per level up until level 200, and the Extreme Breakthrough Event, which offers rewards for players who level up new characters from 201 to 220. On December 4, a new Anima thief class, Hoyoung, will be made available too.
Deals of the Week: Steam, Epic, and Twitch (November 15, 2019): 5:51

Tactical FPS Squad is free on Steam going into the weekend, while the indie Ninja Gaiden style adventure game The Messenger is free on the Epic store this next week. New to Twitch Prime’s offerings are Twitch Sings: Snowman Outfit, Gentleman and Hungry Beast skins for Contra Rogue Corps on PS4, 300 Dragon Tank Shards and more for Fortress M, and Mobile Legends Bang Bang gets a Lesley and Ruby bundle. And there you have it, quick cure for gaming boredom, you’re welcome.

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