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Weekly Recap #366 June 21st – League of Legends, Black Desert, World of Warcraft & More!

Final Fantasy XIV Reveals New Shadowbringer Details during Letter from the Producer: 0:29

First up in the news this week, during their latest Letter from the Producer live stream, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida revealed some important updates concerning the Shadowbringers expansion. Crafting and Gathering classes are being updated with Crafting classes having easier requirements to unlock existing recipes, as well as a major overhaul to the Crafting UI. Both of these sets of classes will receive new actions, and there will be updates to the Gathering log including spawn timer information, and the ability to add an alarm to remind you of spawning gathering nodes. The footage accompanying these updates also showed off a new dungeon, which, itself, is pretty cool too.

Bless Unleashed Reveals New Field Bosses Trailer: 1:08

In another bit of trailer related news, Bandai Namco showed off a new trailer this week for the upcoming free to play mmo Bless Unleashed. It shows off the field bosses that will offer unique challenges and rewards to players as they traverse the game’s world. These bosses include creatures like powerful Cyclopes, harpies, trolls, and other massive threats to humanity. Definitely a trailer to check out.

Black Desert on Xbox Launches Shai Customization Event: 1:31

On a slightly similar note, Black Desert Online’s first ever support class, Shai will be available on Xbox One and PC starting on June 26th! Starting this week, and running until June 26th, players can participate in a Shai customization event to earn items and rewards. To enter, all you have to do is create and customize a Shai character. And players who do this will receive an in-game title and accessory, alongside several items that will help them while leveling up. The full terms and conditions of the event can be found over on the official Black Desert Online website. In addition to the customization event, trial account holders will have a chance to earn a free copy of Black Desert Online by reaching level 50 and logging in on seven different days during an event period that runs from today until July 3rd, Better get started.

Neverwinter: Undermountain Launches on Console: 2:20

Also in console mmo news, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios were proud to release the largest update yet for Neverwinter on Playstation 4 and Xbox one this past week with the debut of Undermountain! Undermountain is a legendary setting in Dungeons & Dragons, and it delivers on having new Adventure Zones via the Yawning Portal social hub. Adventurers will encounter Durnan (voiced by Maze Arcana Dungeon Master, Ruty Rutenberg), proprietor of the well-known tavern and Chultan priest of Waukeen, Obaya Uday (voiced by Dungeons & Dragons community alumni, Satine Phoenix). These two guide players through all-new content including an Undermountain Story Campaign, exciting Expeditions, a level cap increase to 80, an Endgame Dungeon, Class Powers and Feats overhauls, a revamped Boons system, a richer loot drop experience and more. To celebrate Neverwinter’s sixth anniversary, The Protector’s Jubilee will bring a week of festivities to Protector’s Enclave from June 20th – 27th. There are free in-game items, and fun, rewarding events from Eliminster’s Messages, Protector’s Speech Skirmish, and Merchant Escort Missions. All Jubilee activities provide Figurines and Renown, which can be used to purchase unique Thrones, mounts and fashion items only available during the week celebrating the game’s sixth anniversary.

Fortnite Reveals Exciting New ‘Prop Hunt’ Creative Mode: 3:39

What’s more fun than battle royale? A battle royale with a prop hunt mode of course. Prop Hunt is a popular community mod that has finally been brought to life in Fortnite’s creative mode thanks to the StrayKite dev team! Players will face off in this intense game of hide and seek where hiders can turn into almost any object or prop on the map. The only objective is to evade the Hunters and survive until the end. For the Hunters, you must find and eliminate all the hiders within the given time limit. StrayKite has a Featured Island designed for this game mode, but you’re also able to make and use your own for up to 15 players at a time. Pretty effective way to make an already popular game even more popular.

MageQuit Revealed as Upcoming Top-Down Mage Brawler: 4:18

Bowlcut Studios announced that they have an upcoming top-down wizard brawler launching on Steam this fall! MageQuit, as it’s known, will have ten players doing battle with powerful spells in changing arenas filled with environmental hazards. Each player will have up to seven spells to use, and physics will play a big role in how those spells unfold. Each kill a wizard earns lengthens their beard, and the longest beard at the end of the game wins. Matches can be played as a free for all, or with up to three different teams competing simultaneously. Looks a lot like magika wizard wars, may it rest in piece, but with the crazy environmental hazards and just as many spell combos, I doubt this game is any less forgiving. 

Why Warframe is Awesome: 5:03

Next up, it’s pretty safe to say that here at MMOhuts, we like Warframe, like a lot, a lot a lot. So much, in fact, that Jason wrote an article talking about why Warframe is awesome and why you should be playing it. Click on over to via the link in the description to check it out, it’s a pretty good read, especially while you wait for warframe to finish downloading.

Star Conflict Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing: 5:24

Star Conflict‘s 1.6.3 update will celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the First Moon Landing. Known as the ‘Moon Race’ Update, Star Conflict will celebrate Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s landing on the moon. The Moon Race event will take place over three months, with a host of in-game rewards. The grand prize, which awaits only the most daring of spacefarers, is the “Custodian”, an exclusive frigate to join the player fleet. It features a powerful shield control system, plasma guns, and can also stealth itself. The Custodian is unlocked by clearing the last stage of each phase, and all players that participate can obtain it, whether they have the Lunar Pass or not. The Moon Race will consist of three phases, each made up of 30 stages. Pilots can fight in any Star Conflict game mode to gain the temporary in-game currency Xenochips, which can be used to unlock stages of the Moon Race. By unlocking stages, players gain different rewards, ranging from in-game credits, experience boosters, unique cosmetic items, premium account boost licenses, and even premium ships. While the first and every fifth stage are open to all pilots, access to all of the stages is reserved only to buyers of the ‘Lunar Pass’. Hmmm battle pass models are pretty much the norm now, its official. Pretty cool long lasting event though. 

Albion Online’s Percival Update Is Coming Soon: 6:50

Next up, Albion Online’s seventh major update, entitled “Percival”, is coming soon. With it comes a ton of new content, some changes to personal banks, new mobs, and a whole lot more. One of the biggest changes is the addition of Solo Randomized Dungeons, where players can tackle a host of fierce creatures, and use dungeon maps to unlock higher-tier dungeons, with even greater challenges and loot. The update will also feature Mount Skins and greater focus on Customization. The mount skins will offer permanent changes to your mount’s appearance, from standard and exotic mounts. Character customization will also arrive, with dozens of hair, beard, face and underwear options of course. Speaking of players, Personal Banks can be upgraded to streamline their appearance, and increase storage. Albion Online’s Percival Update also brings newly-designed mobs, with never-before-seen abilities and skills. To combat them, players will also have new spells and abilities to a variety of weapons. Pretty decent sized update if you ask me.

League of Legends Talks The Meta, TeamFight Tactics, & More: 7:53

Speaking of which, League of Legends’ latest dev diary, “Riot Pls”, offers insights into the meta, death recap, the client, Clash, and Teamfight Tactics, an upcoming game mode. This new game mode is Riot’s take on the popular auto-battler game genre, with a uniquely League twist. In order to develop this mode with the community, Riot is releasing a beta version to quickly iterate on fan feedback. Once the new mode is stable, Riot plans to introduce a Ranked Teamfight Tactics queue for players to enjoy. The death recap screen is being completely reworked as well, to make it more accurate, helpful, and easy to read at a glance. For the full breakdown, the entire dev diary is available over on the site post at 

World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara Survival Guide: 8:39

Rise of Azshara, the latest content update for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azaroth arrives on June 25th! In anticipation of this, Blizzard has posted a handy survival guide to prepare players for what they’ll encounter in the new content. The main focus of the update is opening Nazjatar to face off against the forces of Queen Azshara and eventually take on the queen herself. There’s also a new War-Mode only quest that refreshes every three hours that involves capturing and holding strategic points. Winning each round will earn you battle commendations that can be traded for unique gear including the Inkscale Deepseeker seahorse mount! There are also special tokens players can earn while killing enemies in Nazjatar that will earn special gear that grants bonuses to your character while in Nazjatar and the upcoming Azshara’s eternal palace raid! This Benthic armor can be further upgraded using Prismatic Manapearls which are also found while adventuring in the zone. Pretty cool little survival guide they introduced.

Realm Royale Live on Nintendo Switch: 9:43

Realm Royale is now available to play for free on Nintendo Switch! Switch players can now join the crossplay madness with over 10 million other players on the go or in the comfort of their homes including the latest update for Realm Royale entitled the Eternal Conflict, all without the need for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 

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