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Weekly Recap #360 May 10th – Guild Wars 2, Splitgate, ESO & More!

Weekly Gaming News summary for the week of May 10th (May 3rd- May 10th)

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Ring of Elysium Launches ‘Pirates Gratitude’ Event and Free Daily Lootboxes: 1:07

Ring of Elysium has a new update entitled “Pirate’s Gratitude” that launched this past week which features free daily lootboxes for players! You’ll earn one of these every time you or a teammate enters a match and earns at least one kill in that match. These crates contain cosmetic Skadi themed skins for the M4A1 and MP5 as well as other vehicle appearance items and accessories. Alongside the update is the fourth round of the Lucky Draw system, which will last until May 27th. The lucky draw event is divided into four seven-day stages, each letting players draw up to 5 times for 50 e-points each. Players are guaranteed at least one item per draw and items will not repeat. Rewards in the Lucky Draw system include traversal equipment appearances, vehicle skins, accessories, and new AK-15 skin. Lots of cool stuff in the recent RoE update. 

Destiny’s Sword is a Sci-Fi MMO That Focuses on Mental Health Issues: 2:07

Next up, Destiny’s Sword is an upcoming Sci-Fi strategy combat MMO, but it offers a new twist, in that players manage their characters physical and mental health. Destiny’s Sword boasts that it will be the first MMO to offer a realistic portrayal of mental health issues, highlighting the long-term consequences of conflict. One of the goals of most MMOs, players are tasked with completing missions, earning rewards, most of which require combat. Over time, being a combatant has a cost in mental and physical well-being, so you need to recharge. Within your community in Destiny’s Sword, players will rest and zero in on the motivations and experiences they’ve been through and create an interesting duality in terms of storytelling. 2Dogs Games are developing Destiny’s Sword as an online combat game, where thousands of players command squadrons of futuristic troops in competitive (as well as cooperative missions. But in a twist, Destiny’s Sword focuses on bringing people together with meaningful social interaction. Cultivating empathy and cooperation in contrast to the anti-social focus of your average online game. Clearly the game is in early development, and there’s a small team working on the game so expect slower but meaningful updates as the game develops. 

Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr Preview: 3:19

On a completely different note, MMOHuts’ Jason got to go hands-on with the Elder Scrolls Online‘s newest expansion, Elsweyr! Seems like Cerci Lannister from Game of Thrones isn’t the only one that needs to worry about dragons. In this update, expected to land on PC and consoles June 4th, lets players explore and defend the home of the Khajiit from an ancient evil, and command the undead with the Necromancer class. Make sure you head on over to and check out the full article via the link below. Also, while we’re here, make sure you’re subscribed and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications! It helps us out.  

TERA Launches Skywatch: Companions on PC: 3:53

In other news, En Masse Entertainment released a new update for TERA on PC this past week entitled SkyWatch: Companions! This is combined with a month of in-game events and rewards within the Action Combat MMO all celebrating its 7th anniversary! Companions build upon the Skywatch: New Heights with the new companion system, and a new dungeon. Starting at level 66, players can acquire a companion to help them in the game’s most challenging content. These companions have abilities such as casting combat buffs or using HP/MP potions automatically when the player needs them. This is a two-way street though, and these companions can run out of stamina over time and need special items to keep fighting on.

Players will put their companions to the test as strange and deadly butterflies from a mysterious fortress in the sky have spread strange pollen across the land. Clues to a cure lie in the Gossamer Vault instanced dungeon, where players must face off against two new bosses: the Hellgrammite and the Gossamer Regent. TERA will continue to celebrate through the month of May with their 7th annual TERAversary, granting Anniversary Tokens and other rewards for logging in daily, as well as participating in events. These can be used to purchase new cosmetic items, as well as a few returning favorites. Players can also complete Bahaar’s Sanctum or use Anniversary Tokens to enter a raffle, for a chance to win one of several Elin archer statues. More information on these events can be found below. 

Spacelords “Identity” Update Arrives: 5:16

Talk about odd and slightly disturbing, Spacelords also received a major update this week known as Spacelords Identity! In this update, the Space Shop shows up to offer cosmetics for the various Spacelords characters to ensure that no two Spacelords look the same. There are also new emotes, skins, and even a Space Disco where teams can groove together in style… because that’s necessary. The update also includes improvements to Adventure, which will now offer monthly rewards, individual scores based on player performance, and the Featured Player highlight that shows off the coolest and most heroic deeds in the game. Very interesting looking game, this is the first I’ve heard of it, surprised it doesn’t have more attention. 

Black Desert’s Xbox Edition Receives Valencia Expansion: 5:58

Moving towards consoles, A free expansion has hit the Xbox One edition of Black Desert this week, the ‘Valencia’ Expansion. With this update, a massive continent, home to ancient civilizations arrives to challenge the players’ ability to survive. It also, of course, features new combat skills, unique items, and UI improvements. Valencia features a new world boss, the mighty Kutum, which emerges from the sands of Valencia to hunt. Absolute Skills have arrived for all classes as well, in addition to new features such as gear cleansing and accessory melting. Black Desert will also be available on Xbox Game Pass starting on May 9th, with subscribers receiving discounts on game bundles and in-game currency. They’ll also receive a special item.  

Bless Unleashed Reveals Mage Class: 6:42

On a similar note, Bandai Namco released a new trailer this week for their upcoming Xbox One MMORPG, Bless Unleashed. Today they show off the Mage, who builds up mana to release their mighty arcane fury upon their enemies. They also have access to a storm of elemental combos, and while not as heavily armored as the other classes, their control of the battlefield is second to none. 

Final Fantasy XIV – A Nocturne for Heroes Quest Guide: 7:04

As I’ve mentioned in a past recap, Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who have been enjoying the Nocturne for Heroes event should be sure to check out Jason’s guide for the event which will help you to earn all the cool rewards the event has to offer including the Regalia from Final Fantasy XV. And just in case you haven’t heard, fans of Final Fantasy VII should be happy to know a remake is happening, introduced recently by the StateofPlay. Most of the plans are already in place in the run-up to launch, in the meantime check out the trailer, looks legit! 

Guild Wars 2’s Season 4 Finale Reveals Release Date: 7:35

Next up, Guild Wars 2‘s Living World Season 4, titled War Eternal will arrive on Tuesday, May 14th. Today we have the trailer that sets up this exciting story event, and Tyria will be changed forever. A dear friend perishes in Episode 5, and the Commander and their allies are out of time, as well as options. A sliver of hope remains, and War Eternal will take players on a daring, odds-defying journey, as they chase down the wounded (and angry!) Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. War Eternal is free for players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and ArenaNet also announced the Guild Wars 2 Standard/Deluxe Collections, as well as the Path of Fire Standard/Deluxe Editions will be on sale for 50% off until May 19th on their website. Check it out! 

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Announces F2P Launch Date: 8:23

1047 Games revealed this past week that Splitgate: Arena Warfare is scheduled to enter Free-to-Play status this month. The multiplayer first-person-shooter that utilizes player-controlled portals will launch on PC via Steam on May 22nd, 2019. Splitgate: Arena Warfare aims to evoke the memory of some of the greatest shooters in the past two decades, standing by the familiar feel of arena multiplayer. The world-bending mechanic of setting up portals lets players link gateways around the map, and pairs this with jetpack boosted movement. Splitgate: Arena Warfare encourages incredibly tricky plays, flanks and ambushes using portals to either creep up on enemies or come out of nowhere, guns blazing. Splitgate: Arena Warfare will launch with an array of customizable options, from weapon and armor skins, jetpacks, portal guns and more. 

SMITE God Reviews: Set and Horus: 9:10

SMITE: Sands and Skies Skin Giveaway:

Finally, SMITE underwent the most ambitious release event to date this week with both Horus and Set releasing at the same time! Horus is a powerful warrior who can offer strong support to his teammates while Set is a strong assassin who deceives enemies with sand clones! For the full story on these gods and our hands on impressions of them, check out our writeup over on via the link in the description. While you’re there, be sure to enter our SMITE giveaway! There are 7 ways to enter and you could win an Illuminator Baron Samedi skin or a Blood Axe Chaac skin! 

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