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Weekly Recap #355 April 5th – KurtzPel, MTG:Arena, MU Legend & More!

Weekly Gaming News summary for the week of April 5th (March 29th – April 5th).

April Fool’s Day Recap:

Black Desert Online Announces Board Game:

Pearl Abyss announcing a board game version of Black Desert! Black Desert the Board Game is a roleplaying board game where players explore a vast open world filled with monsters, treasure, and world bosses. They also went as far as mentioning they launched a Black Desert classic 8-bit game meant for emulators and hand held consoles. They got kinda detailed with what this made up board game consists of and of course they mentioned: Like the MMORPG, Pearl Abyss plans to fully support the board game with a weekly update schedule and larger content drops such as new expansions, bosses, game modes and classes. Maintenance times will coincide with the online version of Black Desert. Not as cool as my Black Dessert first look prank a few years back but still a pretty good laugh. 

FFXIV Reveals Home Asistant, OMEGA:

Up next, everyone seems to be on the virtual assistant kick when it comes to April Fools jokes, this one is Final Fantasy XIV, presenting Omega the ancient primal being of unimaginable power that can help you with everyday inquiries.

War Thunder releases ‘EARTH THUNDER’ Mode:

There’s one more that caught my attention, apparently creating historically accurate battlefields and vehicles was not enough for Gaijin Entertainment. EARTH THUNDER has arrived in War Thunder, where players control  UFO’s with stupid amount of power. You’ve got to admit the trailer is pretty good, seems like it would be fun to play, especially if you could just chase down planes and ships already in the game for some sorta PVE style game mode, just saying. There are several more April fools pranks we enjoyed posted as links below including, realm royale, cuisine royale,  and Runescape. Check them out for some laughs…

Actual News for the week:

MTG Reveals ‘War of the Spark’ Trailer:

During this past weekend’s Magic: The Gathering Arena Mythic invitational tournament, the full trailer for the upcoming expansion War of the Spark was revealed. The expansion will launch on May 3rd, 2019 in stores and as an expansion for Arena simultaneously. The tournament concluded with Andrea Mengucci taking the top prize in a dominating fashion over 2nd place entrant Piotr Glogowski. Be on the look out at for upcoming details around the new expansion as it becomes available. 

MU Legend Announces Expansion for April 2019:

Speaking of expansions, MU Legend has an upcoming expansion for April, that will include a new, powerful character – the Black Phantom. The Black Phantom is a human female mage, with its own unique set of skills and abilities. This teaser has a brief peek at the upcoming character, but this expansion will also have other additions to it. A level cap increase will also arrive (up to 80), as well as the arrival of new Mythic and Epic dungeons. Part 2 of Noria’s story will also arrive alongside unique weapons and armor for all characters. Along with the arrival of the Black Phantom, the MU Legend team will be running a variety of new events and many fun activities for all players. Interested players will need to stay tuned for the upcoming news regarding the release date.

SteamCraft Reveals April Release Date:

Next up, Last Level announced the release date for their MMO Shooter, SteamCraft – it’s hitting Steam on April 18th. SteamCraft unleashes players imaginations and has them creating one-of-a-kind vehicles for land and air battles. There’s a massive selection of components as well as an impressive arsenal to be used in crushing all of the players’ foes. There is no limit to what you can build, so it’s almost time to build your own steam-powered Frankenstein’s monster! Battles in SteamCraft take place in a randomly-selected location, so it’s important to be ready for all combat scenarios. The objective is to destroy anything that moves, and winning earns rewards, and the ability to make your design even more chaotic and dangerous. If you have wheels, crush your foes! If you have missiles, blast them! If you have machine guns, let the bullets fly.

World of Warships Legends Announces Founder’s Packs:

Speaking of which, World of Warships: Legends, the console iteration of the Wargaming seafaring title now has Founders Packs available. The newest entry in the legendary World of Warships franchise has been developed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and features the series’ trademark epic online naval battles, plus content and features exclusive to the console gaming experience. These grant entry to the Early Access phase on April 12th (on the Playstation 4), four days earlier than the scheduled April 16th release date. They also come with a host of content to help players get started, from mighty warships to exclusive customization items. These bundles come in Premium, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions, and will give players the thunderous firepower they need to get a leg up on the competition.

TERA: Reloaded Arrives on Console:

Also on consoles, En Masse Entertainment brings the biggest update to the console edition of TERA recently with TERA Reloaded! With it comes the Elin Gunner, which is now available for everyone to play. She might be adorable and pint-sized, but her gun packs a wallop. With this update comes TERA’s anniversary month celebration, and there’s a month-long leveling event planned for all characters. This includes a special reward for gunners who hit 65 by April 30th.  At level 3, 14, 20, and every five levels until 65, for one character per class, you’ll receive a leveling reward package full of helpful items, along with tips about what to do next. If that weren’t enough, there’s the new Enchanting System, Guardian Legion Missions that offer daily quests for everyone, and new endgame dungeons that come with an enticing endgame gear system. Twitch Prime members will also find a number of promotional goodies inside a special package coming to Twitch Prime! It will include codes and cosmetics for all of En Masse’s games including TERA console. So if you have Twitch Prime you can head to your twitch prime page and pick up some goodies starting now.

Closers Prepare to Meet Icy Cool Bai in April:

In more En Masse news, it looks like Bai Winchester is the newest Wildhüter coming to Closers on April 23rd, 2019. Since that’s a long ways off, starting on April 9th, players can begin creating their Bai character and reserving a name ahead of the launch. Her story will unfold on the Closers website beginning next week, with a bit more about Bai Winchester being revealed over time. Bai Winchester is blessed (and burdened) with the incredible power of ice, and she will stop at nothing to protect those that need it.

Elsword’s PVP League 1 Has Begun:

On a similar note, KOG Games announced that the PVP League 1 has begun for Elsword, which is an international 2v2 PVP series. Elsword’s PVP League 1 is the North American beginning of the first-ever International PVP event for the MMO. 2v2 teams from multiple countries will go head-to-head to determine, once and for all, who has truly mastered the art of combat in Elsword. The winners will walk away with the title of Best Elsword PVP Team in the world. The first season will last until May 8. The second season will begin on May 22 and conclude on July 3. The third season will begin on September 11 and end on October 23. At the end of each season, prizes include up to 30,000 K-ching. The Team that wins the third and final PvP League Tournament will be selected to represent Elsword NA in the Elsword International Tournament. To participate, players must be within the top 32 players of each season. All players level 10 and up can complete a new quest chain for special rewards, to celebrate this PVP event. This special event will end on April 9th, 2019.  There are also new PVP features for Elsword, such as 1v1 Random, and Team Random match types in the Practice/Free Channel, as well as a ‘Rest Before Rematch’ rebuff, when you find a match in the Arena.

KurtzPel Announces April 2019 Steam Early Access:

KOG Games also announced this past week that their newest title, KurtzPel will be heading to Steam in their Early Access program for North and South America. It will arrive on April 30th and has a worldwide launch scheduled for Summer 2019 (North America, South America, Europe, and Asia). Steam Founder’s Packs will be available upon launch and include exclusive costume sets.

Breach Announced QC Games Is Shutting Down:

On the other side of the coin, In a news post on the Breach Website several days ago, QC Games announced that it was their last day in operation. Breach will be shutting down, but for now, the servers will remain open, and after a maintenance period, they will take down the ability to purchase Starter Packs and In-Game QC Points. They thank everyone for all of the constructive feedback and the support from Technical Alpha to Early Access.  They realize that their audience must have a lot of questions, but they are still working on what this ultimately means for Breach and their community. They will have an update soon that answers as many questions as possible. It’s unfortunate to see QC Games shut down, and we’ll keep you as updated as possible on what this means for Breach.

Fractured Reveals Alpha 1 Test is Coming Next Week:

Next up, Upcoming Sandbox MMO Fractured announced that on April 10th, the SpationalOS-based sandbox begins Alpha 1 testing. Alpha 1 will be the first time the game is available to all backers who purchased high-tier packs, and won’t be covered by any form of NDA, unlike the previous Pre-Alpha. They apologized for being a bit behind schedule, but believe that they are still on a good time frame for the MMO project, especially one developed by an 8-person team. Further details on the Alpha 1, such as an FAQ can be found linked below.

SMITE’s ‘Darkness Falls’ Update Arrives:

Darkness Falls is the latest update to hit SMITE this week, and Asgard has changed, warped by the mighty Jormungandr. With this, the Assault game mode has been changed with an all-new map, reflecting this lore change. The Fimbulwinter is now upon us, and Asgard is plunged into a three-year winter.  New objectives, a new look and feel, Assault has been shaken up. The Darkness Falls Battle Pass has also now arrived, with new rewards like Spectral Blade Pele and Terror of the Deep Scylla. Twitch Prime subscribers also are receiving new loot. Through April, Twitch Prime subscribes can unlock Desert Dragon Neith bundle, which gives the Desert Dragon Skin, Loading Screen, Music Pack and more. Players will also unlock a special Mittens chicken skin in Realm Royale for you to use as well – all free of charge for Twitch Prime subscribers.

New playable character coming to Vindictus:

Vindictus has a new character on the way! Eira, the master of revolver and dimensions can bend space at her will. She stalks the battlefield with her Mana Revolver, seeking her long lost sister, Arisha. Eira’s power to open portals and swiftly shift back and forth from different dimensions, allows her to attack and evade from anywhere and everywhere. There’s a pre-registration event going on from now until the 28th of April which will let you claim a ton of exclusive rewards!

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