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Weekly Recap #262 Oct. 26th – Guild Wars 2, Duelyst, SWTOR & More!

A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: TERA, Otherland, Wildstar, Skyforge, PlanetSide 2, Landmark, H1Z1, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert, Star Wars the Old Republic, Neverwinter, Albion Online, Duelyst, Robocraft & Dragomon Hunter!
Weekly MMO News summary for the week ending October 26th, 2015 (Oct. 19th – Oct. 26th).
Tera introduces a new player guide video showcasing key features and what to expect in game:
Otherland releases a new update introducing 120 additional quests:
WildStar hosted a special Back to the Future event with hoverboard racing:
Skyforge celebrates Halloween with the Evil Pumpkin Festival:
Daybreak Games announces Halloween content for each of their games:
ArenaNet launches Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion:
Black Desert heads in to a brief alpha test and is playable at Paris Games Week:
SWTOR launches Knights of the Fallen Empire on October 27th:
R.A. Salvatore and Neverwinter developers talk about Underdark questline and features:
Albion Online showcases the Demon Prince boss battle in the latest highlights video:
Duelyst transitioned to Open Beta preparing to launch early 2016:
Robocraft released the league of mechs expansion introducing mech legs and leagues:
Dragomon Hunter heads into keyless closed beta… aka open beta:

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