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Weekly Recap #254 Aug. 24th – Wakfu, League of Legends, ASTA & More!

A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: Blade & Soul, Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, Dungeon Fighter Online, Wakfu, Relic Hunters Zero, ASTA, Age of Wulin, TERA, Armored Warfare & League of Legends!

Weekly MMO News summary for the week ending August 24th, 2015 (Aug. 17th – Aug. 24th).

NCSoft announced the sale of Founders Packs for Blade & Soul:

NCSoft also showcased Wildstar’s new Cosmic Rewards loyalty system:

ArenaNet reveals Guild Wars 2 Warrior Elite Specialization:

Neople releases the 2nd Awakening transformations for the Male Gunner in DFO:

Wakfu reveals its new Hero system, allowing you to play three characters at once:

Rogue Snail releases Relic Hunters Zero on steam as a free, open-source game:

ASTA The War of Tears and Winds is coming to the West via Webzen:

Age of Wulin: New Expansion for August

New World Event Dreamstorm Launches in TERA

Armored Warfare showcases Pipelines, a map featuring an oil refinery in hot desert sands:

It’s time for a new skin round-up from Riot, Arcade style:

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