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Weekly Recap #219 Dec. 22nd – Tree of Savior, MWO, Trove & More!

A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: Perfect World, Echo of Soul, Skyforge, Trove, Elsword, Dark Blood Online, Magicka Wizard Wars, World of Warships, World of Tanks, War Thunder, Armored Warfare, MechWarrior Online, Tree of Savior, & more!

Weekly MMO News summary for the week ending December 15th, 2014 (Dec. 8th – Dec. 15th).

Perfect World International shows of its new Eclipse expansion with a new cinematic trailer:

Echo of Soul releases a new dev diary discusing game features, lore, and gameplay:

Skyforge shows off instance gameplay and boss mechanics with the Cryomancer and Paladin:

Trove – Ice Sage class now available:
(Thanks to Noobzilla Gaming for the footage) original video here:

Elsword introduces the menacing new job path for Ara Haan, Little Specter:

Dark Blood Online brings in the new Elf Hunter class:

Private custom matches are now available in Magicka Wizard Wars:

World of Warships reviews its first beta weekend and announces the second:

World of Tanks gets new maps and British tanks in update 9.5:

War Thunder rolls in the American tanks with update 1.45 aka Steel Generals:

Armored Warfare devs talk about modern tank features and realism:

MMOHuts Holiday gaming guide:

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