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Weekly Gaming Recap #9 Jan. 23rd – PoE, Atlas Reactor, Conan Exiles & More!

Weekly Gaming News summary for the week of January 23rd, 2017 (Jan. 16th – Jan. 23rd).

Blade & Soul celebrates its 1st anniversary with rewards for players:

Neverwinter fires up siege of Neverwinter event and talks about new expansion:

Gigantic launches a gigantic update and introduces the new hero Pakko:

Atlas Reactor can’t make up its mind about being free to play:

Revelation Online launched its 3rd closed beta:

Heroes of the Storm introduces Valeera:

Dropzone heads into early acces on steam soon:

Paladins details the new OB41 Patch:

Mirage Arcane Warfare spotlights the Taurant class:

Mirage News

Build anything. Fight anyone. In space. Galactic Junk League:

Marvel Heroes 2016 launches its biggest update ever:

Path of Exile makes its way to the XBOX One:

Conan Exiles gets even more brutal-ly awesome!:

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