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Weekly Gaming Recap #4 w/JamesBl0nde

Weekly Gaming News summary for the week of August 22nd, 2016 (Aug. 15th – Aug. 22nd).

Echo of Soul released its Wrath of the Goddess update:

Twin Saga is now in closed beta, gain access via invite, founders packs and giveaways:

Neverwinter Storm King’s Thunder expansion is now live on PC:

Riders of Icarus goes live with the Exarahn Badlands update:

WildStar launched its Redmoon Rising update this past week:

Blade & Soul announces its next update focused around quality of life improvements:

Tree of Savior announces its Rank 8 update coming late September:

Check out this awesome and lengthy trailer for Lost Ark from Gamescom:

Path of Exile shows off the Vault Map, one of thirty new maps in the next expansion:

Evolve keeps going Shear Madness with Renegade Abe and the Overpowered map:

Overwatch recieves an awesome looking castle town map called Eichenwalde:

The RTS/MOBA hybrid game, Dropzone presents a new cinematic trailer:

Paragon does it again, another awesome hero to look forward to:

Warframe launches The Silver Grove update introducing Titania and Lunaro improvements:

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