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Watchers has begun Beta Testing today, which will run until August 4th. Watchers is a free-to-play Battle Royale-styled top-down shooter from Alawar Premium, where the battlers can stay in the game even after being killed. They create anomalies on the battlefield, make bets on their favorite survivors, and help turn the tables. Anyone who tests the game will also be given a survey to fill out to help with development/offer feedback. The link can be found below, and the game is slated to launch in 2H 2019. The schedule for the times the servers are open is:

Daily SERVER #1: 8pm – 12am PDT | 3am – 7am UTC
Daily SERVER #2: 8am – 12pm PDT | 3pm – 7pm UTC
BETA-test CLOSES: August 4, 12pm PDT | August 4, 7pm UTC

Watchers will feature two modes, Watcher Mode and Battler Mode. Watcher Mode is when you are dead, and lets you influence the course of the battle. Battler Mode will have 24 players doing battle, where, the more players die, the more Watchers are there to interfere with the remaining survivors. They can watch your every move, and if you earn the other dead players approval, they may help you out.

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