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Warner Bros. Launches Westworld on iOS and Android Devices

Warner Bros. Interactive announced today the launch of their innovative mobile simulation game Westworld. Set in the universe of HBO TV series Westworld, it’s being developed by Behavior Interactive in collaboration with Kilter Films, the creators/producers of the series. Players are invited into the Westworld universe to take on the role of a newly hired Delos employee, who is granted access to the Delos Park Training Simulation. The Westworld game narrative was written by series writers and features notable characters – including Bernard, Delores, Maeve, and more – to immerse players to the themes that have attracted millions of fans. Players control all aspects of Westworld park operations including manufacturing, managing and upgrading AI-based Hosts as well as satisfying a wide range of Guest desires. The game’s current content spans the first season, with additional content from the highly-anticipated season two coming after it appears in the show, to avoid spoilers.

Westworld will combine management and construction elements from mobile titles with RPG-style character development, and gameplay takes place on two levels – Aboveground with the western-themed world, and Belowground with the high-tech Delos facility. Using an interface similar to the tablets technicians use on the series, Westworld players have a wide array of Host features and modifications at their fingertips. Just like in the series, things do not always go as planned, and Hosts can be eliminated by Guests who are unhappy with their service and the longer Hosts are used, the more likely they are to glitch. However, glitching can be ameliorated by putting Hosts into Critical Analysis for a therapeutic question and answer-based minigame. There’s plenty of fun to be had with colorful, highly stylized graphics and sly humor for both fans of the show and RPG simulation players at its core.

“We are excited for Westworld players to experience what it’s like to manage a complex theme park powered by human desires and artificial life,” said Jonathan Knight, Vice President, Studio Head at WB Games San Francisco. “The game features a compelling, unfolding narrative and multi-layered gameplay while remaining highly approachable and intuitive to play.”

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