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Warframe Remasters First Open-World Area ‘Plains of Eidolon’

Digital Extremes released a new update to Warframe today, that updated the first Open-World area, Plains of Eidolon. This graphical overhaul is available today on Steam, and it updates the graphics from last Falls Fortuna update. This includes dynamic lighting, textures, atmosphere, and a resurfaced terrain, for better K-Drive Hoverboard movement. It also introduces conservation, and a new Grineer menace, the Tusk Thumpers.

The graphical overhaul will enhance every visual aspect of Plains of Eidolon Remaster. Warframe’s open world will see advanced lightning techniques that bring brilliant lighting and shadow changes to the day-night cycle, sending god rays through more detailed trees, bush and fog, and will add crisp new texture details to the foliage and earthen landscape. Tenno can now earn a new badge for hunting and conserving three new animals on the Plains — previously only available on Fortuna — and special Floofs with which to decorate their Orbiters.

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