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Warframe Prepares TennoCon Museum, Featuring Life-Size MOA

Digital Extremes is proud to team up with Volpin Studios to create some incredibly life-like Warframe statues, props and more for this year’s Warframe conference, TennoCon. This year, these will be collected in a museum, highlighted by the life-like, five-foot tall MOA, which is a two-legged Corpus-built Robot. This year’s TennoCon sees the return of the giant Rhino statue, the MOA, a Lotus Helmet, a Relic, and more.

In addition to Digital Extremes, Volpin Studios has worked with numerous industry-leading game studios, including Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games and more, to create an incredible array of stunning work. For this MOA, seven artists put in a combined 800 labor hours and used 11 3D printers to create it. The 3D printers were at work for more than 1,000 combined 3D printer hours and used more than 1200m/1.2km of 3D Printer filament to create the one, remarkable MOA.

“Partnering with Digital Extremes to create the MOA from Warframe has been an exhilarating experience; not only is the MOA our largest high-detail replica to date, it’s easily the most intricate! It took the expertise of everyone here at Volpin Props to bring this piece to life, and we can’t wait to share it with fans at this year’s TennoCon!”

If you’re not able to join us for TennoCon in person, you can follow the action at home on their Twitch Channel from 8 am PDT until 4 pm PDT on Saturday, July 6th. You can also pair your Warframe account with Twitch, Mixer, and Steam and watch TennoLive from 3-4 pm PDT/6-7 pm EDT to get Nekros Prime for free.

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