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Warframe Discusses Melee Phase 1 Update

Digital Extremes announced recently that they will be rolling out a series of changes to how Warframe handles melee combat. This will be done in phases, and in a recent forum post, they go over the details of what ‘Phase 1’ will hold. One of the bigger changes will be Uninterrupted Combat, with the firearm to equipped melee weapon states being instant. Now players won’t have to stand around and wait for their weapon to swap so they can resume fighting, and this includes combos, blocking and more. This also includes Combo Interruption/Resuming, where, within a certain timeframe, when resuming a combo (whether it was interrupted due to gunfire, dodging, bullet jumping, et cetera), the combo will pick up where it left off. Phase 1’s Combo Interrupt is just a prototype, so they will keep their audience posted on what is in the works for this.

Another important feature being looked at it in Phase 1 are Ground Slams. Aerial momentum and jump mechanics have always been key to Warframe. Ground Slams instantly interrupt momentum, direction and cancel these to slam you right down to where you are. The goal is to make them aimed, so you have more control over where you’ll slam down at. Now you will be able to leap forward, and readjust, to slam down onto a different target. A link to the blog post is below, and it contains thoughts on Keybindings, new FX, and the reasons behind these changes. Also below is a recent Warfarme livestream from Jason, which shows off another recent update, Hildryn.

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